The new Commander: Unbreakable. Unmatched. Indispensable.

Jan 01, 2015

The all new Commander represents the most competitive product on the market these days – and we have it here for you.

After intensive research, the improved High-Definition-Optics of the Commander 7x50 which were exclusively designed by STEINER for use in marine are currently unrivalled in the market. Disturbing stray light is minimized and contours are always sharp and clear, even in the worst weather and lighting conditions, such as twilight. Steiner’s unique Diamond Marine lens coating is applied by using rare fluoride and minerals and guarantees unequalled light transmission, clarity and contrast. That gives you perfect and clear images, even in low light conditions.

The unsurpassed field of view has been optimized about 15% at 145 metres and offers the maximum view in every situation especially when it matters most and every second counts. The Sports-Auto-Focus system keeps images razor-sharp from 20 metres to infinity: once set, the Sports-Auto-Focus provides such quality without refocusing while looking at the object, even when distances are changing and as darkness falls. The 3-D brilliance gives you natural colour rendering, impressively vivid images and outstanding depth of field.