The new Wildlife XP 10x44 and 8x44 binoculars: See True Colours

Sep 11, 2014

Hours of waiting and observing are the discomforts a birdwatcher and nature observer has to deal with. Our new Wildlife XP 10x44 and 8x44 binoculars prove that this can also be a pleasure. Ease of handling and high performance are the attributes that describe best the new members of the Wildlife XP series. Thus, they ensure successful observation in every situation – at top class observation comfort.

The greatest advantage of the new binoculars is the newly developed Steiner Ultra-High-Definition optics that provides an exact detail resolution and optimised contrast by using high-quality glass combined with highest manufacturing precision. The Steiner Ultra-HD optics offers true colours and a high-class light transmission. The XL-field of view delivers a perfect overview of up to 130 meters. The 3-D brilliance is reflected in impressive sculptural images and allows a superb depth of field.