The new STEINER Nighthunter 8x30 LRF – First Compact Range Finding Binoculars

Mar 01, 2013

Of all its range, the product that best embodies the legendary STEINER values of innovation and tradition is the new STEINER Nighthunter 8x30 LRF. It combines the high definition optics of the 8x30 series, tried and tested for the hunt over the decades, with innovative laser technology for range finding. These binoculars set a new standard when it comes to compactness and function.

One of the advantages of the STEINER Nighthunter 8x30 LRF is the practicability, combining high-quality optics with a laser range finding system. This spares an investment in additional instruments. Thanks to the STEINER High-Definition-Optics the STEINER Nighthunter 8x30 LRF are high-quality binoculars that deliver high-contrast, high-resolution images. Their compact design combined with easy operation make these binoculars pleasant to handle. The extreme STEINER ruggedness guarantees outstanding durability in use. Extreme temperatures, dirt and moisture as well as shocks suffered during use will have no effect on these binoculars. The STEINER Nighthunter 8x30 LRF is an ideal companion for the frequent use in forest and field.

The range finding system of the STEINER Nighthunter 8x30 LRF binoculars is very simple. Ranging is accomplished with a push of a button using the latest technology. The distance is determined by an invisible laser impulse and displayed in the optics. Continuous measurements are taken in scan modes, which is particularly helpful for small or moving targets. Especially in situations where estimations are difficult and imprecise, the range finding function of the new STEINER Nighthunter 8x30 LRF will be invaluable.



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