The New Navigator Pro Series Professional Marine Binoculars for Water Sport Enthusiasts

Dec 01, 2013

STEINER — inventor of compass binoculars and world leader in the field of marine binoculars — has set another course for success with the introduction of the new Navigator Pro marine binoculars. Available in 7x30 and 7x50 configurations, the new Navigator Pro models offer a revised design and enhanced features. They are perfect for all hobby skippers and everyday use.

No matter if you are 2000 miles from Galapagos or on a weekend-trip on the Baltic Sea, you are always well equipped with one of the new Navigator Pro models on board. They incorporate high-end optics with integrated compass for precise navigation. Steiner’s quality and rugged design make the Navigator Pro binoculars the perfect companion for any seas or weather condition.

As expected, Steiner’s High-Contrast-Optics provide high contrast and outstanding colour fidelity, so that looking through these binoculars is a real experience. Once adjusted, the unique Steiner Sports-Auto-Focus will provide razor-sharp images from 20 m to infinity – without the need to refocus.

An improved formulation of NBR rubber armouring provides an excellent grip and greater slip resistance to minimize the danger of the binoculars slipping from the deck. The fully rubberized compass ensures additional protection for the compass. The light button on the compass has been moved to a more comfortable location making it easier to access without repositioning the hand. Direction or bearing is indicated by a bearing mark that is positioned for maximum field of view.

The Steiner ClicLoc System ensures a safe attachment of the carrying strap to the binoculars and provides an optimal balance of the binoculars. For reliable, fogproof vision, Steiner’s exclusive nitrogen-pressure-filling via the 2-way-valve-system prevents fogging or the formation of condensation inside the binoculars. As a result, the Navigator Pro Series is guaranteed to be water-pressure tight up to 5 meters.

The Navigator Pro Series offers 7x magnification and is available in four different versions with a choice of lens diameter of 50 mm and 30 mm with and without integrated compass. The smaller, more compact 7x30 models are ideal for shore excursions.

The four Steiner Navigator Pro models are now available at special retailers for an unbeatable price of € 499 for the 7x50 with compass, €399 for the 7x50 without compass, €399 for the 7x30 with compass and €299 for the 7x30 without compass. Each model comes with a soft carrying case, a neoprene carrying strap, objective covers and a rain protection cap.



STEINER-OPTIK in Bayreuth, Germany, was founded in 1947 and is now the biggest specialized producer of premium binoculars for the civil market, developed for the fields of marine, hunting, bird-, animal watching and nature observation, as well as the active outdoor usage and the military range. STEINER has a worldwide distribution network at its disposal and supplies more than 70 countries. Since 2008, STEINER-OPTIK is part of the Beretta Group in Italy. For any further information, please visit our homepage



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