M7Xi 4-28x56

Based on the outstanding success of the M5Xi - used today by Special Forces around the globe - Steiner sets a new benchmark with the ultimate long-range riflescope M7Xi 4-28x56 with a 7x zoom and an impressive field of view (1.42-9 m at 100 m).

The new 7x zoom gives the operator more flexibility and a higher resolution for all distances while the large field of view and the outstanding optical quality create a perfect overview of the surroundings at all times.

The new M7Xi 4-28x56 has been designed to resist the toughest conditions, is of course covered by the Steiner 10 years warranty.

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Product Features: 

Short overall length

of the scope creates more rail space for clip-on devices (e.g. thermal imaging or night vision devices) for superior operational capabilities in any combat situation.

Low profile turrets

provide outstanding situational awareness and additional mounting options for add-ons and accessories.

Enhanced legendary Steiner ruggedness

The new Steiner M7Xi IFS inherited and enhanced the legendary Steiner ruggedness. The M7Xi IFS is waterproof up to 20 m (66Feet) and the operating temperature range is -40°C to +64°C. It can withstand up to 900Gs.

Precise Windage/Elevation Adjustment

is easy and immediate for repeated accuracy, with tactile click-by-click feedback you can hear and feel and second rotation indicator.

One-Piece 34mm Tube

Increases strength and reliability and provides greater elevation and windage adjustments for longer ranges.

Variety of reticles

The new M7XI is available with MSR, MSR2, G2B, TReMoR3 reticle

Rifle Scope Specifications: 
Item Number: 
Objective Lens Diameter: 
56 mm
Objective tube diameter: 
62 mm
4x - 28x
950 g
387 mm
Temperature Range: 
-46° to +63°C
Exit Pupil: 
9,2 mm to 2,0 mm
Field of View at 100 m: 
9,0 – 1,42 m
Eye relief: 
90 mm
Diopter setting: 
–2 to +2
Parallax adjustment: 
50 meters to infinity
Focal plane location: 
1st FP
Reticle adjustment per click at 100 m: 
1 cm
Max. adjustment in cm at 100m - elevation/windage: 
260 cm / 26,0 mils / ± 60 cm / 6,0 mils
Center tube diameter: 
34 mm
Eye piece diameter: 
45 mm
Reticle illumination: 
11 steps (6x night, 5x day) and OFF position between each step
Water-Pressure Proof: 
up to 20 m
STEINER Nitrogen- Pressure-System: 
1 x CR2032
Specifications subject to change without notice