Ranger Rifle Scopes

Aug 31, 2015

Steiner Optik will be introducing a new rifle scope series characterised by a very high quality at a cost-effective price. The Ranger model series includes the 1-4x24, 2-8x42, 3-12x56 and 4-16x56 rifle scope. To ensure very high-quality, brilliant and bright optics at a fair price, Steiner Optik decided on a 4x zoom which has decades of proven practical use. The attractive, one-piece and very stable aluminium tube with velvety-matt, scratch-proof, hard-anodised finish appeal with their gently rounded intersections and elegant radiuses. As well as a high degree of shooting stability, the rifle scopes offer a reliable mechanism with repeat-accurate and precise reticle click adjustment feature. It goes without saying that the nitrogen-filled rifle scopes are waterpressureproof even without a protective cap on the turrets. The attractive, handy grip-proof illumination is positioned on the mid-section in a user-friendly design. With 5 daytime and 6 nighttime settings. The reticle illumination is switched off for real interim settings. The illumination power can be chosen for any light conditions from slight night light through to bright sunshine. With the Ranger 4-16x56, the light has been integrated onto the mid-section in parallax compensation without the control element becoming too large. A dioptre quick adjustment feature and handy, rubber-reinforced magnification changer with knobs are also included. Even in the extreme cold, all the adjusting elements can be operated without problems. The light and robust rifle scopes have the 4A-I non-magnifying reticle in the second image focal plane. This ensures a good overview and precision stopping without major target coverage is guaranteed. The Steiner High-Contrast-Optics provide a light transmission of about 90%. High resolution (sharpness) with good edge-to-edge definition and a high contrast ensure an outstanding resolution of detail together with the bright images. The large field of view and secure eye distance of 9 cm conform to modern practical requirements.

Ranger rifle scopes - Advantages that hunters can enjoy:
Outstanding price-performance ratio
High-quality optics with high light transmission and high contrast
Pin-sharp optics
Practical dimmable illuminated reticle
Parallax compensation with the 4-16x56
Attractive, easy-to-handle and lightweight
Velvety-matt, scratch-resistant, hard-anodised tube
30mm mid-section or inner rail
Easily accessible, non-slip control elements
Very shot-proof and waterpressureproof to 2m
Reliable, precise mechanics
Can be operated without problems, even in extreme cold
Large field of view
Large, secure eye distance
Effective 4x zoom which allows very high-quality optics


Model overview of Ranger rifle scopes

Ranger 1-4x24 - the specialist for the driven hunt

A classic telescopic sight for driven hunts with large field of vision of 37 to 9 m at 100 m distance. Thanks to the light spot, rapid view of the target is guaranteed. The ideal telescopic sight for shooting moving game, is also perfect for big game hunting.  With true 1x magnification.

Ranger 2-8x42 – the stalking specialist

A typical, elegant and universal rifle scope for stalking, which also cuts a fine figure on light single-barrel rifles. It is suitable for daytime hunting through into the twilight. It is definitely a very universal telescopic sight on double-barrel rifles.

Ranger 3-12x56 – the all-round rifle scope

A very high-performance all-round telescopic sight for sitting game and stalking. At 705 grams, it is also a light weight.  By high light transmission a perfect companion for hunting at night . Precise illumination adjustment delivers perfect performance in daylight into nighttime. A rifle scope for all kinds of rifles.

Ranger 4-16x56 – Specialist for long-range, high precision shots

The specialist for hunting in difficult lighting conditions and for long-range as well as high precision shots. A rifle scope, which has proven itself equally at the shooting range and in demanding hunting situations. Thanks to the large objective lens and high light transmission, it is also a specialist for night-time hunting. But thanks to the high magnification, it offers a very high resolution of detail. The buck can still be seen at over 100 metres away. In addition, wide, ultra-precise shots are also possible. Parallax adjustment from 50 m to infinity.