Nighthunter 8x56

The new Nighthunter 8x56 gives you the ability to identify game and take ethical shots when others cannot. Steiner’s latest developments in binocular technology are the result of 70 years of optical development and innovation. This technology, combined with Steiner’s hunting heritage, produces the ultimate optic for night hunting.

Experience for yourselves the next evolutionary step of the ultimate night hunting binoculars made by STEINER Optik! The new Steiner Nighthunter — almost like having an unfair advantage.


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Caratteristiche generali: 
  • The incredibly high light-trasmission of the new Nighthunter 8x56 sets a new benchmark in the night hunting scenario.  Steiner’s advanced technology penetrates the shadows with incredibly bright images — See what other hunters are missing
  • The highest resolution and clarity in the night. Let the night become your friend and discover crystal clear images also under adverse light conditions.
  • Perfect focus all the time with Steiner's Sports-Auto-Focus. Focus each eyepiece to your vision once, and then count on razor-sharp images from 20 meters to infinity. Clearly have the ability to determine your trophy of a lifetime no matter the darkness.
  • See every animal in the field and let Nothing Escape You with a huge 135-meters field of view.
  • New design: always a perfect grip even in wet weather and at low temperatures.
  • Steiner’s new LumiClip is simple yet innovative. The luminescent clip glows with just enough light to easily locate your binoculars in the darkest night.
  • ClicLoc strap attachment with a new comfort shoulder strap.
  • Ergo Flex eye cups protect you from lateral light and wind, allowing you to take advantage of the Nighthunter’s amazing optical technology.
  • STEINER Nano-Protection ensures long-lasting optimal visual quality and also protects the lenses. Water and dirt simply run off.
  • Steiner’s always function when you need them. No worries when it comes to durability. Thanks to the Macrolon housing, Nitrogen pressure infill and Floating prism mounting there are no better rugged-built optics that perform like a Steiner.


Schede Tecniche: 
Diametro obiettivo: 
56 mm
8 x
1090 g
200 mm
212 mm
Pupilla d‘uscita: 
7,1 mm
Fattore crepuscolare: 
Campo visivo a 1000 m: 
135 m
Sistema di messa a fuoco: 
Ottiche alte prestazioni: 
Tenuta stagna: 
Water pressure proof up to 5 m
STEINER Nitrogen- Pressure-System: 
by 2-way-valve technology
Intervallo di temperatura: 
-40°C to +80 °C
Conchiglie oculari: 
Rivestimento in gomma: 
Attacchi tracolla: 
Objektive cover: 
Rain protection cap: 
30 years
Specifications subject to change without notice

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