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Autobright Technology

Automatically optimizes the light transmission of the lens for maximum clarity in bright conditions. No reflections or glare from water, sand, snow or the sky. No blinking, guessing and eye strain. Simply a perfect image.


eye protection

Steiner's exclusive Autobright sunlight-adaptive lens technology automatically adjusts brightness to ensure the best view in any lighting situation. Whether the sun is just below the horizon, shining directly above us, or bouncing off water or snow from all angles, BluHorizons are designed to capture the right amount of light and reduce glare for optimal vision.



Minimal, stepless focusing on the center drive for fast, pin sharp details from close to infinity. Comfortable and easy focusing.


Extreme ruggedness

Due to durable housing, waterproofness and functionality in the temperature range from -20 °C to +70 °C. Non-slip NBR Longlife rubber armouring resists oil, acid and weather influences.


Compact and lightweight design

Provides razor-sharp images in the smallest of spaces, so you can take your binoculars with you wherever you go.


Ergonomic eyecups

Made of skin-friendly, ageing-resistant silicone, provide high observation comfort and protection against lateral light and draughts. Easy to fold down for use with spectacles.


Extensive accessories

With a comfortable carrying strap and a unique, multifunctional neoprene carrying bag.



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