Wildlife XP 8x44

Wildlife XP 8x44


Wildlife XP 8x44 offers versatile 8× magnification and a particularly large field of view . Practical, easy handling and comfortable- a great choice of optics in Ultra-HD.

  • Extraordinary colour fidelity and highest detail resolution thanks to Ultra-HD-Optics
  • Minimal, stepless focusing for quick absolute sharpness from close-up to infinity
  • Use in rough outdoor environment through top-notch comfort and legendary durability


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1.58 kg / Piece

Wildlife XP 8x44 offers versatile 8× magnification and a particularly large field of view . Practical, easy handling and comfortable- a great choice of optics in Ultra-HD.

  • Outstanding Ruggedness with durable magnesium-diecast housing, Water Pressure Proofness to 5 m and the Nitrogen-Pressure-Filling into the optic against fogging up inside at temperature range between -20°C to +80°C. Non-slip NBR-Longlife rubber armour protection resists oil, acid or adverse weather. Impervious to harsh conditions for generations of trusted use.
  • Comfort-Balance-System Maximum comfort by ergonomic ComfortGrip thumb rests made of Technogel. Safe and fatigue-proof, long-term observations, even with one handed use are provided and a perfect balance is guaranteed. Ergonomic, rotating eyecups made of skin-friendly, non-ageing silicon protect against indirect light and wind draughts.
  • Distance-Control-System Enables pre-setting of observation distance and sharp focusing by one simple turn of the non-slip XL-focusing wheel.
  • Nano-Protection Always a clear view by the protective, hydrophobic coating on the lenses that makes water sheeting off and dirt, dust, snow are repellent for easy cleaning and clear view.
  • Fast-Close-Focus central focusing wheel requires minimal, stepless rotation for quick absolute sharpness from close-up to infinity- comfortable, easy to use.
  • Field-tested Accessories consisting of a neoprene ClicLoc -carrying strap that can be fastened and released in seconds and its loops permit an easy use of a comfort harness (offered separately). Fitted in a high-end bag, both rain protection cap and objective covers are made of NBR longlife rubber.
  • Ultra-HD-Optics with highest manufacturing precision and high-end fluoride glass for extraordinary colour fidelity, highest detail resolution right to the edge and optimized, clear contrast. Delivers razor sharp images, topclass light transmission and 3D brilliance with sculptural images and excellent depth of field. Great field of view for a perfect overview in any situation.
  • Nitrogen-Pressure-System Fogging up or the formation of condensation inside the binoculars is totally prevented by this high-tech proprietary solution. Even temperature variations between -40 °C to +80 °C do not affect the functionality of STEINER nitrogen-filled binoculars. By 2-way-valve technology, the maintenance of the binoculars is possible at any time even after many years.
  • Ergonomic Rotation Eyecups Providing comfortable long-term observations. Ergonomic pliable eyecups made of soft, skin-friendly and non-ageing silicone protect against incident light and draught. Simply to be folded down for use with eyeglasses.
  • ClicLoc -Strap Attachment System attaches and releases neck strap with instant, push-button ease, and keeps binoculars hanging straight and action-ready.
  1. 5/5

    非常优质的望远镜!我刚刚拥有这个型号的望远镜,镁合金外壳、肖特氟化物镜片,非常清晰、值得拥有!我会推荐给中国的望远镜爱好者!Very high-quality telescope! I just owned this type of telescope, magnesium alloy casing, Schott fluoride lens, very clear and worth having! I would recommend it to Chinese telescope lovers!

  2. 5/5

    Ich bin verliebt! Dieses Fernglas ist das Non plus ultra für mich. Ich habe das Fernglas geschenkt bekommen und möchte es nicht mehr missen. Es begleitet mich fast überallhin, damit ich die brillante Optik so oft wie möglich genießen kann.

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Item Number: 
Objective Lens Diameter: 
44 mm
8 x
830 g
126 mm
188 mm
65 mm
Exit Pupil: 
5.5 mm
Twilight Factor: 
Field of View at 1000 m: 
133 m
21 mm
Dioptric range: 
+/- 5 dpt
Interocular Distance: 
56-74 mm
Focusing System: 
Fast-Close-Focus / Presicion-Setting
Close Focus Range: 
2 m
Water pressure proof up to 5 m
STEINER Nitrogen- Pressure-System: 
by 2-way-valve technology
Temperature Range: 
-40°C to +80 °C
Rubber Armouring: 
NBR-Longlife / ComfortGrip
Carrying Strap: 
Strap Attachment: 
Rain protection cap: 
30 years

If you want to discover nature up-close and true-to-life you must try the Wildlife XP series with its innovative Steiner Ultra-High-Definition-Optics featuring high colour fidelity, highest detail resolution and optimized contrast. These binoculars reflect ergonomics and visual excellence that is unsurpassed anywhere, and rugged reliability that can survive anything.

Wildlife XP 8x44 offers versatile 8× magnification and a particularly large field of view. Practical, easy handling and comfortable- a great choice of optics in Ultra-HD.

See true colours

Unfailingly reliable, field-tested binoculars to deliver superbly bright, accurate images right to the edge in any situation.


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