Made for the ambitious hunter

Nighthunter 8x56

the evolution of a legend

The new NIGHTHUNTER 8X56 gives you the ability to identify game and take ethical shots when others cannot.

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Ranger Xtreme

made for the ambitious hunter

The light enhancing design of Ranger Xtreme binoculars unlocks the shadows they hide in, giving you clear game-spotting vision in dim light.

Ranger LRF

Precise measurements in any situation

The Steiner Ranger LRF 10x42 with integrated laser range finder combines innovative design, perfect ergonomics and highest accuracy in one product.

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The new OBSERVER SERIES are designed for a versatile use to match any situation under all conditions. Three full sized models in a lightweight design provide comfortable ergonomics for longterm observation, bright images, crisp resolution and a wide field of view. Hardly any other binocular gets you so close with such
clear, sharp detail, for so little budget.

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