Maximum 96%+ Light transmission

The incredibly high light-transmission of the new Nighthunter 8x56 sets a new b‍enchmark in low light conditions.  Steiner’s advanced technology penetrates the shadows with incredibly bright images allowing you to see what other hunters are missing.  


XL-Field of view

See every animal in the field and let Nothing Escape You with a huge 135-meters field of view.



Simply the best glass available in any Porro prism binocular with inherent design advantage of image sharpness and infinite focus (from 20 m to infinity).


Legendary ruggedness

Thanks to the macrolon housing, nitrogen pressure infill and floating prism mounting, there are no better rugged-built optics. Put simply, nothing performs like a Steiner.


ErgoFlex eyecups

ErgoFlex eyecups protect you from lateral light and wind, allowing you to take advantage of the Nighthunter’s amazing optical technology.



Steiner’s new LumiClip is simple yet innovative. The luminescent clip glows with just enough light to easily locate your binoculars in the darkest night.



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