Nighthunter C35


The new Steiner thermal Clip-on, equipped with Quantum Vision, impresses with an incredibly rugged housing and ultra-sharp images, thanks to its outstanding thermal sensor, software and image display. With the Nighhtunter C35 you will be able to approach game where others are still guessing. The zeroing process is incredibly intuitive, and its simple adapter system makes it easy to integrate with your day scope which will ultimately lead to great hunting success.

  • Quantum Vision technology for excellent thermal images with high reliability
  • Unmatched stability in connection with your riflescope after unlimited number of shots
  • Legendary Steiner robustness for use in the toughest conditions

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"Steiner Nighthunter" has always been a guarantee for ultimate hunting success; the new Nighthunter C35 extends the Steiner Thermal family and will not only meet but exceed this claim. We make a promise today: Excellent observation as always, but also technological innovation coupled with the highest reliability.

  • Steiner Quantum Vision Highly efficient interaction of an outstanding thermal sensor (640x480 resolution ) and a software algorithm developed in-house by Steiner, which transports all data directly to the state-of-the-art display at maximum speed.
  • Impressive thermal image The state-of-the-art display is characterized by the highest contrast in 5 different color modes (polarity) or optimized color preselection depending on the landscape and weather.
  • Excellent usability The innovative and ergonomic design allows comfortable and intuitive handling. Quiet rubber controls and ergonomic handling ensure maximum user comfort.
  • Legendary Steiner Ruggedness The shock-resistant, lightweight aluminum housing is water-resistant and made for the toughest use. Resistant to temperatures between -10 and +50 °C cannot harm the functionality of the Nighthunter C35.
  • The Mounting and Zeroing process is extremely intuitive to be always ready for the hunt
  • Fast detection and impressive sharpness The ultimate interaction of Quantum Vision takes hunting to a new level with fast detection and impressive identification even at long distances. Be successful where others are just guessing.
  • Steiner Connect App Steiner is launching a new app with the introduction of the Nighthunter. This combined with network functions and features - such as the video albums - allows you to conveniently share your discoveries and adventures with your family and friends.
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Item No:
Resolution (Detector):
640x 480 @ 12μm
Focal length:
35m F1.0
Field of view at 100m:
12.5m x 9.4m
Resolution (Display):
800 x 600 Pixel
Output frame:
50 Hz
Max. screen size:
10,8 inch at 1m distance
Boot Time:
3 sec
Thread specification:
White hot / Black hot /Einstellbar Red hot / Iron / Blue hot
177 x 95 x 62 mm
High Performance Optics:
Quantum Vision
2 Jahre


Steiner has always been known for the best optical performance, especially in twilight. With the Nighthunter line of products, we developed for years the best optics in the market for low light conditions. Our ambition to complement and complete the best observation experience inspired us to expand the Nighthunter family into the digital thermal world.

„Steiner Nighthunter“ has always been guarantee of ultimate hunting success; the new Nighthunter thermal family enters the Thermal market and will not only keep this claim true but develop even further on it. We, today, make a promise of excellence in observation as always, but also in technological innovation and reliability.

The heart of Nighthunter thermal family is Quantum Vision. It is a perfect combination of state-of-the-art thermal sensor, outstanding display quality and secret software development. Quantum vision technology together with outstanding usability, handling and the legendary Steiner ruggedness creates the product you were waiting for: once more, almost like having an unfair advantage.


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