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STEINER High-Contrast-Optics provide bright, sharply contoured images with natural colour definition for outstanding viewing quality suitable for both beginners and professionals.


Enhanced compass design

The beloved fluid damped and shock-absorbing compass, now shines with a new design.



The new Open-Bridge-System makes handling on deck much easier. In addition, the binoculars can be easily grabbed and held with one hand to always ensure a safe navigation.


Steiner Auto-Focus

Once set, the STEINER Auto-Focus always delivers crystal-clear images in 3D brilliance from 20m to infinity - without refocusing. The 7x magnification ensures blur-free images to identify tons, beacons and bridge numbers, even in rough weather conditions (sea).



With this high-tech solution from STEINER, fogging or condensation inside the binoculars is completely eliminated. Even temperature fluctuations from -20 °C to +70 °C do not impair the functionality of nitrogen-filled STEINER binoculars. Thanks to the 2-way valve technology, maintenance of the binoculars is possible at any time, even after many years.


Special rubber coating texture

The new wave-like rubber coating texture significantly improves the grip on the binoculars and the handling comfort. In addition, the texture has special water-repellent properties that guarantee non-slip and safe handling even in rough sea.



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