Quantum Vision

Highly efficient interaction of an outstanding thermal sensor (640x480 resolution) and a software algorithm developed in-house by Steiner, which transports all data directly to the state-of-the-art display at maximum speed.


Fast detection and impressive sharpness

The ultimate interaction of Quantum Vision takes hunting to a new level with fast detection and impressive identification even at long distances. Be successful where others are just guessing.


Excellent usability

The innovative and ergonomic design allows comfortable and intuitive handling. Quiet rubber controls and ergonomic handling ensure maximum user comfort.


Legendary Steiner Ruggedness

The shock-resistant, lightweight aluminum housing is water-resistant and made for the toughest use. Resistant to temperatures between -10 and +50 °C cannot harm the functionality of the Nighthunter C35.


Steiner Connect App

Steiner is launching a new app with the introduction of the Nighthunter. This combined with network functions and features - such as the video albums - allows you to conveniently share your discoveries and adventures with your family and friends.

Available in the Google Play Store and App Store



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