The most precise concept of a hunting rifle scope

The eRanger 8 from Steiner gives every shooter, regardless of experience, the opportunity to be accurate even at long ranges. The intuitive handling and unique precision enable precise and fast shots, even over long distances. A special highlight is the integrated real-time ballistics computer: It calculates the impact point of the bullet taking into account the current environmental conditions. The result is accurate shots over long distances, regardless of the circumstances. With the eRanger 8, the shooter never loses sight of his target again and saves valuable time when firing.

Optimized for a safe and accurate shot

Thanks to its unsurpassed precision - especially from difficult angles or at long distances - the eRanger 8 always enables you to fire a perfect shot. If you know the distance, the real-time ballistics computer with environmental sensors and angle of inclination automatically determines the bullet drop and shows the ballistic distance on the display. A tilt indicator also eliminates possible shooting errors that may occur.

Steiner proudly presents the eRanger 8 - a revolutionary rifle scope that takes precision and range to a new level. The eRanger 8 makes it easier than ever to take precise shots at long distances. This rifle scope allows not only experienced shooters but almost any hunter to hit distant targets with impressive accuracy. The heart of this technological masterpiece is its real-time ballistics computer combined with intelligent environmental sensors. 

The ballistic data of the ammunition used can be easily stored, while at the same time the temperature, air pressure and angle of inclination are recorded in real time by the environmental sensors. With this precise information, the ballistics computer automatically determines the bullet drop and shows the ballistic distance on the display that is integrated into the field of view. The included tilt indicator also eliminates potential shooting errors. 

This innovative technology means you no longer rely solely on your own experience to get the perfect shot, even in challenging situations. Our goal at Steiner is to help shooters make every shot as precisely and accurately as possible. The eRanger 8's technology allows you to shoot accurately, even at long distances and in the most difficult conditions. Thanks to the advanced connectivity with the Steiner Connect App 2.0, the eRanger 8 becomes your intelligent companion on every hunt. With the app you can easily save personal ballistic data and make individual adjustments for a wide range of hunting situations. 

 With the eRanger 8 you are taking on a new dimension in hunting - a dimension that enables anyone to master long distances with precision. Owners of an eRanger LRF 10x42 can have the measured distance from the binoculars sent directly to their rifle scope via Bluetooth, which appears on the display. This means the precise shot can be achieved quickly, safely and without compromise.

Caratteristiche ottiche

Ingrandimento min./max.
2x /16x
Diametro effettivo della lente
50 mm
Uscita pupilla
8,5 mm - 3,1 mm
Intensità luminosa
Campo visivo a 100m
20,5 m - 2,56 m
Distanza degli occhi
95 mm
Compensazione diottrica
- 3 dpt / +2 dpt
Senza parallasse
20 m until infinty

Funzione e attrezzatura

Ottica ad alte prestazioni
Riempimento con azoto
Posizione del reticolo
2. BE
Regolazione del reticolo per clic a 100 m
1 cm / 100 m
Max. Corsa a 100 m di altezza / lato
+/- 116 cm
Illuminazione del reticolo
Area funzionale
-25°C - +63°C

Caratteristiche generali e accessori

354 mm
888 g
CR123A 3V
Diametro del tubo centrale
34 mm
Diametro del corpo del tubo obiettivo
57,2 mm
2 years
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