Clear display

The Ranger LRF display impresses with its user-friendly arrangement of the displays. The optical performance not only impresses with its incredible contrast strength, the measurement settings such as the display of the tilt angle and compensated distance can also be individually adjusted. This promises the best possible overview and the necessary safety in every hunting situation.

Steiner Impact Locator – Find the impact

The Steiner Impact Locator indicates the target point of the last measurement and displays it in the Steiner Connect App 2.0. With the help of the measured distance, the integrated digital compass and a connection to the Steiner Connect App 2.0, you can navigate directly to the connection point. This makes it easier to find the connection even in tall grass or in impassable terrain.

Extreme measuring distance

The integrated laser rangefinder enables precise measurements up to 3000m in every situation.

Steiner's laser rangefinders have always impressed with their precision and outstanding image quality. Now we are bringing the most innovative binoculars with distance measurement onto the market: The eRanger LRF 10x42 with Impact Locator. The unique Impact Locator together with the Steiner Connect App 2.0 makes searching while hunting much more precise and easier. The Steiner Impact Locator allows you to find the exact impact point by displaying the measured point and navigating directly to the position in the Steiner Connect App 2.0. 

Whether searching in long grass, at dusk and darkness or over long distances - this intelligent connection makes it easier to find the game and thus fulfills hunting that is appropriate for the hunt. With an extended measurement distance of 3,000 meters, the eRanger LRF offers unmatched precision and measurement accuracy. The display impresses with its user-friendly arrangement of the displays, for maximum overview and safety in every situation. The slim and handy design ensures optimized handling, while functions such as tilt angle display and compensated distances improve the assessment of the hit point. The last three measurements as well as an overview of the measurements and coordinates can be easily managed via the Steiner Connect App 2.0. 

For owners of an eRanger 8, the Bluetooth function enables the measured distance to be transmitted directly to the rifle scope - an invaluable advantage for lightning-fast response. Immerse yourself in a new era of precision with the eRanger LRF 10x42 and experience hunting with unmatched accuracy and comfort.

Caratteristiche ottiche

Diametro della lente
42 mm
Uscita pupilla
Intensità luminosa
Fattore crepuscolare
Campo visivo a 1000m
105 m

Funzione e attrezzatura

Misura della distanza
25 bis 3000 m
Ottica ad alte prestazioni
High-Contrast Optik
Sistema di messa a fuoco
Distanza di messa a fuoco ravvicinata
5 m
Riempimento con azoto
Area funzionale
–20 °C - +50 °C
1 m
Conchiglie oculari
Armatura in gomma
Collegamento alla cintura

Caratteristiche generali e accessori

140 mm
210 mm
56 mm
1100 g
Cinghia di trasporto
Copertura antipioggia
10 years
Numero di articolo


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