Do not compromise

The New Steiner Wildlife is designed and developed for the ambitious outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen who cannot accept compromise when it comes to equipment.

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SkyHawk 4.0

Fast. Close. Sharp.

Anyone who keeps a close eye on nature experiences a unique fascination. This is exactly what we have developed the SkyHawk 4.0 for: to observe nature clear and sharp at any times.


Sun Protection for your eyes

BLUHORIZONS with Autobright are engineered to gather the right amount of light and reduce glare for optimum viewing. It is the world's first and only binocular with phototropic lenses. It automatically adapts to the lighting conditions so that you always have optimum vision even in bright sunshine or light reflections.

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Safari ultrasharp

Compact and capabale is no longer a contradiction

From compact to full-size, optics get you closer to things you enjoy most: photo safaris, ocean cruises, concerts, sports events, and more. Wherever life takes you, these are the perfect companions.


Compact, lightweight and affordable

these are the key features of the Steiner Champ. The High-Contrast coatings on every lens ensure high performance and comfortable viewing with brilliantly sharp and high-contrast images. From camping to backyard birding, touring to sports events, your Champ 10x26 fits easily into every pocket- for life’s defining moments.

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