Steiner Hunting Binoculars

Made for the passionate hunter

Nighthunter 8x56

The evolution of a legend

The new NIGHTHUNTER 8X56 gives you the ability to identify game and take ethical shots when others cannot.

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Ranger Xtreme

Made for the ambitious Hunter

The light enhancing design of Ranger Xtreme binoculars unlocks the shadows they hide in, giving you clear game-spotting vision in dim light.

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Ranger LRF

Precise measurements in any situation

The Steiner Ranger LRF 10x42 with integrated laser range finder combines innovative design, perfect ergonomics and highest accuracy in one product.

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The perfect allround companion

The new OBSERVER SERIES are designed for a versatile use to match any situation under all conditions. Three full sized models in a lightweight design provide comfortable ergonomics for longterm observation, bright images, crisp resolution and a wide field of view. Hardly any other binocular gets you so close with such clear, sharp detail, for so little budget.

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Our binoculars advisor

Looking for the right binoculars for your next adventure?

Hunting binoculars from Steiner - the right binoculars for the highest demands

The Steiner Hunting binoculars as the perfect choice for experienced and young hunters. At Steiner, we understand the passion for hunting and tailor every detail of the hunter binoculars to their high demands. For example, binoculars used for hunting must not only be particularly robust, but additionally capable of reproducing a flawless and bright view even in dark light conditions. We know about the requirements for one of the most important pieces of equipment of the hunter, whether for driven hunt, stalking or sitting.

Driven hunt - The perfect hunting binoculars for easy and fast handling

Especially during driven hunts, it is important to be constantly alerted so you can keep track of the rapidly changing situations. Here, the hunter needs a compact binocular with high contrast to ensure a quick response with the weapon. For such application and use, we recommend our Ranger Xtreme in 8x42 or 8x32 specifications, or even the little lightweight brother of our Ranger Xtreme, the Observer 8x42. These hunting binoculars with high-contrast optics and fast-close focus make driven hunts a wonderful experience that you will always remember with pleasure.

Stalk - the hunting binoculars for silent hunting

When stalking, the hunter tries to approach the game slowly and unseen. For this use, the hunter needs binoculars that are both robust and capable of reproducing a bright, high-contrast image to spot the game before the hunter is seen. For this reason, hunters recommend the Steiner Observer and Ranger Xtreme with a 42mm objective lens diameter, our winner in the Pirsch magazine test. In addition, for mountain hunting we have developed the LRF 1700, our rugged and compact hunting binoculars with rangefinder, which can measure distances of moving and stationary objects up to 1700m.

Raised hide - A sophisticated binocular for hunting in the dark

During a raised hide, which is probably the most common type of hunting, the game is usually observed, approached and shot from a raised hide. Since this hunt often lasts for several hours and not infrequently into the darkness, hunting binoculars with very high light transmission and comfortable handling are needed to make the operation during long observation phases pleasant. That's why we at Steiner offer excellent ease of use and terrific optical performance coupled with unparalleled quality with all of our hunting binoculars. With the Nighthunter 8x56 hunting binoculars as the ultimate night vision binoculars for hunters at dusk and night, we guarantee incomparably bright and sharp images through 96%+ light transmission. The "Best 2020 Binoculars" winner in bestbinocularsreviews test.