Maximum 96%+ Light transmission

The incredibly high light-transmission of the new Nighthunter 8x56 sets a new benchmark in low light conditions. Steiner’s advanced technology penetrates the shadows with incredibly bright images allowing you to see what other hunters are missing.

XL-Field of view

See every animal in the field and let Nothing Escape You with a huge 135-meters field of view.


Simply the best glass available in any Porro prism binocular with inherent design advantage of image sharpness and infinite focus (from 20 m to infinity).

In the new Nighthunter 8x56, decades of hunting experience are combined with the highest optical performance and an uncompromising willingness to innovate. While other hunters are still puzzling, you have long been able to safely address the game - especially in the most difficult lighting conditions. Experience the next step in the evolution of the legendary night glasses from STEINER Optik! If you want to secure the ultimate advantages in twilight and night hunting, the new Nighthunter 8x56 is the way to go not over!

  • 96%+ Light Transmission - The longer the hide lasts, the higher the chances of success. Sit into the night for another Waidmannsheil! Steiner's most advanced technology shatters the darkness with incredibly bright images - seize the opportunities other hunters miss!
  • Sports-Auto-Focus - The only porro night glass of this quality with the advantage of "infinite" sharpness (from 20 m to infinity). Always precise and razor-sharp images without refocusing for clear contours even when darkness sets in.
  • Nano-Protection - Gives the glass a reliably clear view at all times with the hydrophobic surface finish. This dirt- and water-repellent coating on the lenses lets rain or snow roll off and makes cleaning easier.
  • XL-field of view - Those who see more have a clear advantage! Keep track and let yourself be treated to a huge field of view from 135 m no longer miss anything.
  • Nitrogen pressure filling - fogging up or the formation of condensation inside the binoculars is completely impossible with this high-tech solution from STEINER. Thanks to the 2-way valve technology, the binoculars can be maintained at any time, even after many years.
  • Absolute clarity - even at night, male or female? You can never be sure without a Steiner Nighthunter. The Porro Night Scope provides three-dimensional depth perception to quickly locate and assess your target. With Steiner's patented Diamond Night Coating, you get excellent clarity and contrast at dawn and dusk, giving you those valuable extra minutes on the hunt.
  • ClicLoc -  Always lets the binoculars sit firmly in the strap, but can also be detached and attached again in a matter of seconds with a flick of the wrist.
  • High quality accessories - With bag, ClicLoc -Neoprene carrying strap, rain cover and lens protection caps.
  • Legendary robustness - thanks to the durable Makrolon housing made of polycarbonate that withstands impacts of up to 11G, floating prism bearing with flexible silicone for shock absorption, water pressure tightness up to 5 m, nitrogen pressure filling to prevent fogging, temperature range from -40 to +80 °C and protective, hydrophobic STEINER Nano-Protection , which repels water, dirt, dust and snow and is easy to clean.
  • ErgoFlex - Eyecups It is cumbersome to hold the binoculars and at the same time block the draft or the sun's rays with your hand. Side light can affect your vision at any time of the day. With the patented Steiner ErgoFlex eyecups, you can always benefit from the outstanding technology of the Nighthunter and have a crystal-clear image in every situation.
  • LumiClip - Simple but brilliant. For safe and silent grip in the dark.

Optical features

Lens diameter
56 mm
Exit pupil
7,0 mm
Light intensity
Twilight factor
Field of view at 1000m
135 m
AP distance
23,4 mm
Eye distance
56-74 mm
Diopter range
+/- 5 dpt

Function & Equipment

High-Performance optics
Focusing system
Nitrogen filling
by 2-way-valve technology
Functional area
-40°C to +80 °C
up to 5 m
Rubber armouring
Belt connection

General features & accessories

210 mm
73.5 mm
212 mm
1100 g
Carrying strap
Lens protection flaps
Rain cover
30 years
Article number


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