Steiner Adventure-Binoculars

Built to experience excellence - for a lifetime!


Do not compromise

The New Steiner Wildlife is designed and developed for the ambitious outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen who cannot accept compromise when it comes to equipment.

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SkyHawk 4.0

Fast. Close. Sharp.

Anyone who keeps a close eye on nature experiences a unique fascination. This is exactly what we have developed the SkyHawk 4.0 for: to observe nature clear and sharp at any times.

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Sun Protection for your eyes

BLUHORIZONS with Autobright are engineered to gather the right amount of light and reduce glare for optimum viewing. It is the world's first and only binocular with phototropic lenses. It automatically adapts to the lighting conditions so that you always have optimum vision even in bright sunshine or light reflections.

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Safari UltraSharp

Compact and capabale is no longer a contradiction

From compact to full-size, optics get you closer to things you enjoy most: photo safaris, ocean cruises, concerts, sports events, and more. Wherever life takes you, these are the perfect companions.

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Our binocular advisor

Looking for the right binoculars for your next adventure?

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The binoculars for hiking - for the ambitious mountaineer

Whether crossing mountain ranges, climbing the east face in the Alps or exploring almost unknown villages in the Himalayas, just feel the life and power of nature on your own body? Then binoculars for hiking should not be missing in your equipment. Everyone knows nature can be harsh and unpredictable. Shining sunshine, pouring rain, bone-chilling cold - all this happens to you in search of the moments that will change your life. To fully enjoy just such moments, our Wildlife models are the best Steiner binoculars for ultimate use. Because this series represents everything Steiner stands for: Innovation, ruggedness, ease of use, high optical quality and a product that won't let you down even in the most challenging moments. With this knowledge and claim, we have developed the Wildlife especially for the ambitious outdoor women and men who are always looking for new challenges and accordingly have high demands on their outdoor equipment.

The perfect binoculars for animal and bird watching

Anyone who keeps an eye on nature is experiencing a unique fascination. That's exactly why we developed the SKYHAWK 4.0: to observe, experience and marvel. These binoculars are perfect for any kind of nature and bird watching. Especially when it comes to identifying the bird species, powerful binoculars are indispensable as the most important tool. Since a very stable image with clear and sharp contrasts is needed quickly here, we have deliberately decided against binoculars with image stabilizer in contrast to other brands in order to be able to keep our promise of reliability. Nevertheless, the Steiner SKYHAWK 4.0 can hold its own with its precise and easy handling and offers a unique optical experience. Enjoy bird watching at the highest level with Steiner binoculars.

The ideal travel binoculars - compact and handy

Every traveler, sports enthusiast and vacationer on a cruise needs a good and compact pair of binoculars in his luggage to see, understand and enjoy more. But not only distant adventures, small hiking tours, but also joint visits to the opera or the decisive goal in the final at soccer, all these are moments that you will no longer miss with the right binoculars. Steiner has the ideal binoculars for vacations, sporting events or musical events in its range. Especially the Steiner BluHorizons and Safari UltraSharp binocular series are the ultimate binoculars for exactly these demands. While the BluHorizons, as perfect travel binoculars due to the Autobright technology, is the best choice for sunny days on the beach or on deck, the Steiner Safari UltraSharp compact and powerful meets the other needs of all application areas. In addition, the Safari UltraSharp in the 10x30, 8x30, 10x25 and 8x25 versions are also perfect as children's binoculars thanks to their Sports-Auto-Focus and thus self-focusing optics.