Essential thermal technology for the best observation possibilities

imple and straightforward application by focusing on the essential needs of thermal observation

Superior handling combined with light weight

Experience unforgettable adventures with special customized buttons for easiest usability and hunting experiences for hours due to light weight.

Steiner has always been known for the best optical performance, especially in difficult light situations. With the Nighthunter line of products, we developed for years the best optics in the market for these challenging conditions. Our ambition to complement and to complete the best observation experience inspired us to expand the Nighthunter family into the digital thermal world.

Experience the pinnacle of affordable thermal power tailored for hunting with the Nighthunter Lite. Designed to focus on essential thermal imaging and extremely easy usage, this handheld device allows you to simply enjoy your hunting adventures.

  • Essential thermal technology for best observation capabilities
  • High resolution OLED Display for best thermal images
  • Convenient software integration for fast and undisturbed observation
  • Extremely fast booting time of 3s
  • Easy and uncomplicated to use, as the focus is on the essential needs of thermal observation
  • Practical and intuitive menu for an easy and effective use on the hunt
  • The buttons are easy to sense and press, even in low light conditions
  • Changeable batterie system for extended hunting experience

Optical features

1-4 x
Focal length
35 mm F1.0
Field of view at 100m
7.5° x 5.6° / 13.2m x 9.8m
Resolution (Scanner)
400x300 @ 12μm
Resolution (Screen)
640 x 400 Pixel
Frame rate
50 Hz

Function & Equipment

Colour palettes
9 different types, 6 colors
System start time
5 sec

General features & accessories

150 mm
45 mm
75 mm
350 g
Operating time
> 7 Stunden
2 years
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