Steiner Marine Binoculars

Ultimate security on all oceans

Commander (2023)

For the highest ambitions on the water

Ultimate security on all oceans. Unrivaled high quality and precision, indestructibly robust and indispensably reliable.

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Trust in real performance

Improved design with innovative product features in the new generation.

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Navigator Autobright (NEW)

With sunlight-adaptive lens technology

Improved design with innovative product features in the new generation.

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Steiner marine binoculars - the perfect companions on the high seas

Especially in difficult situations, it is important to have good equipment on board that you can fully rely on. Our marine binoculars ensure the highest level of safety and impressively reflect the fascination of the sea so that you can enjoy every moment. No matter whether you are looking for binoculars for your next sailing trip, cruise or fishing trip - Steiner Marine binoculars will never disappoint you.

The Steiner Commander – don’t make any compromises

The waterproof binoculars of the Commander series are unparalleled in terms of technology and innovation. With their razor-sharp high-definition optics and the most precise analog compass, as well as the optimal combination of functionality, Steiner robustness, precision and comfort, these Steiner binoculars with compass define a new top class at sea. For reliable equipment for every regatta or sailing trip without compromise. With a diameter of 40 mm, the large, integrated HD-stabilized compass of the Steiner Commander is a market leader. Thanks to the compass size and optimized fluid damping, bearings work quickly, precisely and reliably - even under the most extreme conditions. User-friendly lighting and a precision reticle for exact size and distance calculation round off the high-performance compass and give you that certain extra level of safety on the high seas. The complete series offers all this and much more. We at Steiner understand how to respond to individual requirements in different areas of application and have therefore equipped our products with various features. With the Commander Global, as our flagship product series, it is possible to travel to various time zones in the world thanks to magnetic field measurement without having to worry about the alignment of the compass. The Steiner Commander LRF as technically innovative binoculars with a rangefinder, with up to 1700 meter accuracy, but also the Commander, our binoculars with an analog compass or even without a compass, are the perfect companions for every trip at sea thanks to their reliability.

The Steiner Navigator series - experience unique moments

The Navigator Marine binoculars are the first choice when it comes to boat equipment for charterers, water sports enthusiasts and hobby sailors. They offer a unique price-performance ratio and combine a variety of product features that justify the globally recognized reputation of the ocean-going Steiner marine binoculars. All models are reliable, easy to use and impress with the legendary Steiner robustness. With the large objective diameter of the 7x50 binoculars and the 7x50c binoculars with compass, this series offers outstanding light transmission to provide a clear and bright image even in poor weather conditions or at dusk. This series is complemented by the smaller version of the Navigator with a 30mm lens diameter. Here we attach particular importance to always guaranteeing high robustness, reliability and at the same time a high-contrast image in a more compact size. These compact binoculars are also particularly characterized by their diverse range of uses. From sailing to cruising, offshore or inland waters, these binoculars will never disappoint.